Keeping your dog and you on the path to health and happiness

Welcome to 4 Paw's Elements! 

I am on a mission to help improve the wellbeing of pets and their owners through different elements that are holistic, integrative and positive in nature. Not only will your beloved pooch benefit, I also want to help improve your life at the same time. 

The goal is to

  • help strengthen the relationship with your dog,
  • to help transform both your pet's and your own mental wellbeing,
  • to improve your pet's and your physical state to be healthier and stronger and
  • to enrich your dog's and your own spiritual-emotional state of mind.

Every pet and its human companion deserve to live a natural, healthy, happy and balanced life with each other! 


Services - coming soon!

Wellness classes

Learn to meditate with your dog! This is our signature program.
It is especially beneficial if you and/or your dog are anxious, stressed, frustrated, if you need to slow down, if you want to look for ways to relax together and foremost if you want to strengthen your bond. 

Online in the comfort of you home. 

Wellness coaching 

Discover which elements in your dog's and your own life need to be improved: How balanced is yourlife? Which are the areas that will make your bond stronger? What does it take to make your life together better. Discover imbalances, set goals, improve and celebrate!

Online in the comfort of your home.


So, what are the benefits of following this blog/this page?

- Add more joy to your and your dog's life

- Establish a healthy human-dog relationship

- Remove stress and frustration from your dog's and from your life

- Become happier and healthier

- Be socially more active with your dog

- Gain more self-confidence

- And safe money in the long run
by investing in your own and your dogs' wellbeing now

Why 4 Paw's Elements?

I am on a mission to improve and nurture your dog's and your life at the same time. I believe in an holistic, integrative and gentle approach to a balanced life for both of you! Dogs are our best friends and family!

If you feel this way, then what better way to a happy life, then by doing it together for and with your best friend!

My methods are based on traditional teachings, combined with integrative practices such as health coaching, meditation, meridian balancing and positive reinforcement methods.

"Let's create a better world for you and your pet!"

All services, products and Information offered by 4PawsElements are intended to support your Pet’s and your own overall health and wellness on an educational basis only.
They are NOT intended to be a substitute for required veterinary or medical care, treatment or diagnosis.
Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or your medical doctor immediately when you or your pet is in any kind of discomfort,pain or exhibiting extreme behavior.

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