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"Learn to Meditate with your dog"

This is my signature program! It is especially beneficial if you and/or your dog are anxious, stressed, frustrated, if you need to slow down, if you want to look for ways to relax together and if you want to strengthen your bond.

Learn different meditation techniques, experience first hand how energy and thoughts reflect on your dog, and learn life and training skills that will help you in your daily interaction with your pet.

We will practice mindfulness meditations, walking meditations, breathing exercises and more. This course aims to help both you and your dog to be calmer at home, have less anxiety, and also to be more relaxed during walks and play times. 

  • One-on-one online session, in the comfort of you home

  • Group classes, different locations Dates to be announced.


"Wellness coaching"

Discover which elements in your dog's life need more balance, and ultimately how it will better your dog's and your ownlife as well.

Is your dog healthy, how is her/his diet, social life, vet care, fitness, etc. How do you feel about your bond, how does everything effect you personally, emotionally and even financially. 

And what does it take to make your and your dog's life better? 

Find out answers to all these questions and more, with our wellness coaching program!

  • One-on-one online session, in the comfort of your home
All services, products and Information offered by 4PawsElements are intended to support your Pet’s and your own overall health and wellness on an educational basis only.
They are NOT intended to be a substitute for required veterinary or medical care, treatment or diagnosis.
Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or your medical doctor immediately when you or your pet is in any kind of discomfort,pain or exhibiting extreme behavior.

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